Hey! Welcome to my website and welcome to my blog ?.

I finally took some time after years to create this small website. In first place I did it for me, as I just gets too many questions like:

“do you have website”, “hey, what’s your web”, “we are looking for someone who have blog”, etc.

Well, domain is registered since 2018, when I first started with my youtube reviews. When I create domain, I said ok let’s make this website now. And then week past away, 2 weeks, one month, few months and finally after almost 3 years we are here where we are!

Screenshot of old traffic

You can clearly see how wanted my website was from one of older traffic sources for my website so this is also one of the reasons that you are reading this.

And what are the plans for website, blog and videos?

On front page you can find 4 sections:

– Inquires; if you want to collaborate with me, if you want me to make some video work for you – click on that form

– Portfolio; some of my clients video works that I did in the past.

– YouTube; all my video reviews in one place

– blog; O hi there, welcome ?

Let’s talk a little about blog. I won’t transfer my old reviews into blog, but I will do that with all reviews from 2021 and will continue that.

What is worth to mention is that there will be also some exclusive material that might not be available as video material.

Let me know on Instagram under this photo what do you prefer, watching videos or you prefer spending your time with reading blogs?