Hey, welcome to my website. If you are reading these lines, you want to know a little background of me. And you have all right to know that!

So let me start at the beginning. My name is Denis, I’m 37 years old and I live in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia.
In central Europe. I am a graduate audio engineer and yet, I work as a freelancer filmmaker. At some point when we had an assignment for foley at college and my passion for filming started to grow. This is how I held up my first camera, smartphone actually and I started to film everything what I could, just to learn how to edit videos, how to manipulate different transitions and to know more about color correction and grading and other stuff.

In 2017 there was contest from Zhiyun and the winner would get Crane Plus, freshly released gimbal. And guess who won it?! That was the reason that now is the time for me to buy real camera. Well not cinema camera, but I did bought my first mirrorless camera, Panasonic G85 (aka G80/G81 in Germany). And this is how my journey started.

I started my YOUTUBE CHANNEL in 2017, but first video was uploaded in February 2018, Unboxing and review of OnePlus 5T.

It is obvious that here is almost no energy in this video. You have no idea or you do, how hard is to be in front of camera, especially for the first time. Well not just first time, but even now after 2 years, there is still this strange feeling when I step in front of camera.

So, since that first video I tried to do weekly reviews on different technology products, for the first year and a half. In late 2019 I focused more into camera gear, when I also started professionally to do commercial videos and promo videos for companies. In 2020 when all the pandemic situation started I also had some health issues, so I had to put my youtube channel on a side a little, just so that my freelancing didn’t hurt much but also for those health issues. Thankfully all of these issues are behind me now in 2021 and I’m ready to continue my youtube journey where I stopped.

I am always family member first, a friend after that. Work is on my last position. But that doesn’t mean I do my work suffers in any way. I still love my job, but when it comes to priorities this is who I am!
Is this enough or you need more?
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